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Armada Review: Big Summer Popcorn Book

A few years ago Ernest Cline released a modern classic, Ready Player One. RPO continues to be a hit and the book resonates with my generation in a way that few books have. Cline wove a tale that is relevant while still giving nods to the pieces of my childhood that helped to shape me into […]

Ideas come out of nowhere

In interviews with over 50 authors, common themes emerge. One of those is that story ideas just seem to come from nowhere, or maybe they come from everywhere. I agree. There is no shortage of ideas, but using your imagination to ask “what if” and then following through with that is the challenge. I was […]

Retro geek solution for combating writer’s block

A lot of us that grew up in the 70s and 80s remember an early computer gaming phenomenon known as text based adventure gaming. These games were played… wait for it…. using your imagination. The computer would describe, in text, your surroundings and you would respond with text commands. This form of interactive story telling […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is this week, and  a lot of people will be traveling.  What better way to entertain yourself or your family than by getting to know some of your favorite authors?  Here is a list of interviews that you can download and load onto your phone of mp3 player for the trip.  Thanks for listening! […]

Podcasts, writing, and a freebie

Welcome to my ThirdScribe blog.  I am going to attempt to update this with bloggy type stuff with more regularity.  If you are not familiar with ThirdScribe, imagine WordPress or Blogger had a baby with Facebook, and that baby was raised by librarians.  Yeah.  Wrap your head around that.  I will be chatting with Rob […]


I love Summer.  I love the ample sunshine, the heat, and I don’t even mind the humidity.  Except for those couple of weeks in late summer where it just seems to be the most smothering, I take it in stride.  I like to be outside.  I like to commune with nature, as it were.  The […]

Mulligan 2 : Crossroads playlist

I am working on Mulligan Book Two : Crossroads.  Mulligan is the story of a man with amnesia that happens to be a time traveler.  In the first book, Mulligan found himself in the Mississippi Delta in the late 1920’s.  The next installment finds him in a rural juke joint in the 1950’s. I listen […]

I am one of those people that has a tendency to walk through life staring at my shoes.  My mind is usually tied up in at least 100 things.  Work, family, kids, writing, or thinking about things that are still down the road.  Then, you look up and see that the world around  you is magnificent.  I don’t tell myself enough to just look up.  It’s the difference in being a human doing, instead of a human being.

Just look up


A dog and her boy. Superboy, that is.


Eleanor fell asleep whilst reading…

A tale of three Eleanors.