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    • My name is Hank, and I have been a writer for years.  I have written for our local newspaper, blogged, podcasted, and any other venue I could take advantage of.  But a few years ago, I knew that I wanted to write down the stories that I have carried around in my head for years.

      I live in the deep south with my beautiful wife, 5 kids and a host of dogs.  Our life is a bit of crazy chaos, and I would not have it any different.

      I published my first book, Bloom, and it found an audience with it’s brutal honesty, and story of hope in the midst of utter despair.  After Bloom, I began work on Mulligan.  Connor Mulligan is a man that has amnesia and finds himself in the Mississippi Delta in the late 1920’s on a cotton farm.  Mulligan learns lessons about himself as well as helps the family he is working for to find peace in their home.  Just when you think this is a standard piece of lit fic, Mulligan takes a supernatural turn.

      I also have written short fiction, and the latest is called The Witching Hour which is a tale of a fake palm reader that is confronted with the very powers she has faked for years.

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