Monthly Archives: July 2015

Armada Review: Big Summer Popcorn Book

A few years ago Ernest Cline released a modern classic, Ready Player One. RPO continues to be a hit and the book resonates with my generation in a way that few books have. Cline wove a tale that is relevant while still giving nods to the pieces of my childhood that helped to shape me into […]

Ideas come out of nowhere

In interviews with over 50 authors, common themes emerge. One of those is that story ideas just seem to come from nowhere, or maybe they come from everywhere. I agree. There is no shortage of ideas, but using your imagination to ask “what if” and then following through with that is the challenge. I was […]

Retro geek solution for combating writer’s block

A lot of us that grew up in the 70s and 80s remember an early computer gaming phenomenon known as text based adventure gaming. These games were played… wait for it…. using your imagination. The computer would describe, in text, your surroundings and you would respond with text commands. This form of interactive story telling […]